240 Watt LED Grow Lights

240 Watt LED Grow Lights - LED Grow Lights have numerous advantages compared to HID or CFL. They are extremely versatile, which accounts for their increasing popularity. LED Grow Lights are commonly used in the following applications:

? Indoor Herb Gardens
? Flowering Plants
? Fruit and Vegetables
? Medical Marijuana

Whether you are a recreational gardener or a professional hydroponic farmer, your gardens can benefit from LED Grow Lights. The quality of medical marijuana cultivated under LED Grow Lights is unsurpassed. LED lights foster enhanced trichome production resulting in high THC levels in the plants. Household food production can become more self sufficient by using LED lights, while consuming less power and saving money compared to using HID or CFL.

Advance in technology are making LED Grow Lights more useful than ever in indoor gardening and hydroponics. The uses range from growing lettuce, to wheat grass, to strawberries, to cannabis. The market for LED Grow Lights continues to expand as research progresses and new developments are announced. It is important that consumers only deal with legitimate LED Grow Light suppliers whose goal is to satisfy their customers' expectations.

New technologies are sometimes slow to be accepted into the marketplace. LEDs are becoming more and more accepted as an alternative to HID lights. LEDs are seen as a means to produce more light in a compact area. LEDs are unique in that they release very precise wavelengths that can be controlled. LEDs can be designed to emit the precise wavelengths that plants absorb. Plants are able to transform this light into energy through the process of photosynthesis, which is necessary for vegetative growth and flowering.

For several decades, the choices were limited when it came to indoor grow lighting. Sunlight is necessary for the process of photosynthesis to take place. Indoor growers attempt to imitate the effect of sunlight on plants. The sun's white light comprises light wavelengths from the entire visible light continuum as well as light radiation that cannot be seen by the eye, such as infrared and gamma. Conventional grow lights try to imitate sunlight, with limited success.

The reason conventional grow lights are not highly effective for indoor growing is that plants have varying light needs. For example, orchids have different light requirements than cannabis. The chemicals and processes involved in photosynthesis respond readily to a limited range of light. Only about 15% of the light emitted by HID bulbs is usable during photosynthesis. In contrast, between 90 and 99% of the light emitted by LEDs is absorbed during photosynthesis.

Therefore, when using LED Grow Lights, it is necessary to alter your watering and nutrient practises somewhat. This might mean altering the growing environment and changing the light cycles by a few hours. There might also be alterations in the period of growing cycles as well as the flowering and vegetative stages.

The instructions on seed packets contain information about how to grow your plants indoors or outdoors, but the indoor information assumes that you use HID lighting. You should note that LED lighting requires different instructions. For example, LED Grow Lights provide up to eight times more light. The differences will have to be taken into account if you are going to be successful at growing plants indoors. However, LED lights are not more difficult to use than traditional HID bulbs. LEDs are just different ?? and more effective.

Initially, light designs covered one blue and one red band of light, both of which are necessary for plant growth. Blue light is required for vegetative growth and red light triggers the flowering stage. The early designs did not emit enough of this light. Research subsequently showed that more bands of light would help optimal plant growth, especially during the peak of the photosynthesis process.

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