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600 Watt LED Grow Lights - Plants have specific needs for lighting in order to attain optimal growth. Different species and varieties of plants are adapted to different lighting needs. To replicate these specific lighting conditions for your plants with artificial light, you will need to understand the lighting needs of your plants. Plants also require more light as they grow larger. Your plant will not thrive unless it has enough light.

Vegetables require direct sunlight to flourish. If grown indoors, vegetables will need high light levels. Fluorescent lights or MH-lights are recommended for indoor vegetable growing. Foliage plants, like Philodendron, prefer full shade. They can be grown indoors with much lower light levels. Standard incandescent lights will probably work well.

Managing your plants' daily light exposure will help them to stay healthy. Plants need periods of light and of dark, referred to as the optimum photo/dark period ratio. Artificial lights can be switched off and on at set times to provide the optimum ratio. Some species and varieties thrive with long days and short nights, while others need short days and long nights, and others require intermediate day lengths.

Another important factor in indoor grow lighting is illuminance (luminous flux density). Illuminance refers to the amount of light incident on a surface, and is measured in lux. Lux are photometric units. Different wavelengths of light are weighted by the eye's response to them. One lux equals one lumen of light falling on an area of lm/m2. The average office would be illuminated at about 400 lux.

Professional food producers use radiometric or photosynthetically active radiation weighted (PAR watt) units.

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