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900 Watt LED Grow Lights - A grow light is an artificial light directed over the top of indoor seedlings to help them grow. When growing seeds indoors, a grow light is the best way to ensure your seeds mature into healthy seedlings. While it is certainly possible to start seeds in a window, grow lights will make the process more predictable. The modest cost of grow lights is well worth it, considering the high germination rates you can achieve.

Seeds started in a window will need their containers rotated each day to prevent the seedlings from developing a tilt as they stretch toward the light. While windows are a good location for light, the area around windows can be quite cold during certain times of the day or certain seasons. You won't be able to control the temperature of the seedlings easily. Under a grow light, the conditions for the seedlings will be more predictable. You will have better control over the growing environment.

Growing seeds in a window can leave seedlings vulnerable to a condition known as dampening off. Seedlings can develop this disease very early, even before they have two sets of leaves. Some people open the window to provide air circulation to the plants in order to prevent dampening off. While air circulation will prevent the condition, opening a window can leave seedlings vulnerable to other threats, such as low temperatures or too much breeze. A better way to keep the air around plants circulating is to place a small fan beside the seedlings and turn it on low. You will want to produce a gentle movement of air by ensuring the fan is not too close to the seedlings. Seedlings can be thinned by gently snipping off some of the leaves at the base with scissors.

Grow lights are popular with indoor gardeners and are easy to find. A grow light can simply be hung in the corner of a room where an area is dedicated to starting seeds. Another option is to replace the standard bulb in a lamp with a grow bulb and start seeds on a side table. The top of a refrigerator is a warm location well suited for starting seeds.

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