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LED Grow Lights Chilliwack - During the 1850s, when gold was discovered in the Fraser Canyon, gold miners numbering about 30,000 people trekked to the goldfields, passing through the Chilliwack area in their travels. This caused the growth of various steamboat landings on the banks of the Fraser River. They comprise the Chilliwack landing, Sumas Landing, and Miller's Landing, which also helped to the growth of Chilliwack. Chilliwack was incorporated in 1873, making it the third municipality in British Columbia.

The city of Chilliwack has many attractions to select from. The Minter Gardens has beautiful tulips which are imported from Holland. There are also about 100,000 rhododendrons which provide lovely scenery in the cedar trees and rock wall terraces. The Rotary Outdoor Pool offers tourists special events, public swimming and swimming lessons. Promontory Park West is located between Teskey Road and cedar Creek Drive. This 4.8 hectare park comprises two small soccer fields, a full circuit walking trail, a playground and two baseball diamonds. Mount Cheam is the best location to go to for hiking. Its trail zig zags to verdant meadows to rough terrain on the top, and individuals who climb its peak would be rewarded by spectacular views of the park. Chilliwack River Rafting is just fifteen minutes from the town centre, and those who love rafting can choose a challenging or moderate rafting trip.

One alternative for families is to ask for a more family-oriented program. Located on Yale Rd East and Old Yale Rd is the Rosedale Sportsfield and Park, that is a 5.8 hectare park which offers playgrounds, washroom facilities, ball fields, and cozy picnic spots. The Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve is a 325-acre site that is situated on the floodplain of the Veddar River. It has hundreds of Great Blue Heron nests and several other wildlife species, plant life, and different unusual animals, like for example Salish Suckers, Painted Turtles and Bald Eagles. T-Rex Motorsports provides vehicles for riding, like bikes and ATV's. Cheam Lake Wetlands is popularly popular for bird-watching, picnics, and hikes. Its trails are projected to be two kilometers, and the park likewise boasts of elevated viewing platform and raised walkways. Gwyne Vaughan Park has approximately six acres of prime land and a heritage home given to Chilliwack. Chilliwack Corn Maze attracts lots of families. This annual event creates a maze out of the corn fields and visitors are challenged to find their way out. Portage Park is great for individuals who want to spend their afternoons in a relaxed picnic.

In the city of Chilliwack, the main industries consist of tourism, wholesale and retail trade (Real Canadian Superstore, Overwaitea Food Group, Canada Safeway, Wal-Mart, Sears Canada, Canadian Tires), agriculture (Inline Nurseries, Unifeed, Rainbow Greenhouses, Canfor Nurseries, Fraser Valley Duck and Goose), food processing (Johnston packers, Vantage Foods, Fraser Valley Meats, Natrel, Roger Foods, Coast Mountain Dairy) and manufacturing (Masonite International, Uneeda Wood Products, TY-CROP Manufacturing, IMW Industries, Westeck Windows, Visscher Lumber). The most popular and economically-lucrative tourist attractions in the area are whitewater rafting, hiking, fishing and golfing.

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