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LED Grow Lights Williams Lake - Williams Lake is a city situated in the Central Interior of British Columbia. The city is situated within the central area of the province known as the Cariboo. It is the largest urban center between Prince George and Kamloops. The population of the city is around 10,744.

The city of Williams Lake proudly hosts the Williams Lake Stampede each and every year. This event occurs over the Canada Day long weekend. The Canadian paraplegic athlete Rick Hansen also calls the town home. He became popular during his fundraising for the Man in Motion world tour and is also an activist for people who have spinal cord injuries.

The city of Williams Lake is located 119 km or 74 miles south of Quesnel and south of the biggest Cariboo region city, Prince George by 241 km or 151 miles. Williams Lake could be located at the intersection of the Bella Coola Highway, the Cariboo Highway 79 and Highway 20. The city of Williams Lake sits 451 or 282 miles east of Bella Coola and 548 km or 343 miles northeast of Vancouver.

Williams Lake has for over 100 years been a focal point and service center for many ranches in and all-around the Chilcotin and Cariboo areas.

The city of Williams Lake was established by one building in the Comer and Glendale area. During the 1840s, a small chapel was constructed in a Shuswap settlement. The church and encampment flourished with the arrival of gold prospectors and fur traders from Europe and ultimately, the region turned into a small service centre.

Williams Lake became the modern transportation and commercial hub of the famous Cariboo region. The town still encompasses its western frontier character. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere makes it a fantastic place to discover the nearby regions. The central location of the city has made it a fantastic location to go to. It is a great base to explore the cedar forests, the gold rush county of the east, or travel west and discover the enormity of the Chilcotin Plateau. People can head south to see the Okanagan valley and further on the Lower Mainland and the Pacific Ocean and venture north and discover Prince George and carry onto Alaska.

Amongst the unique places to visit within Williams Lake is the Scout Island Nature Centre. It is a terrific place to see shorebirds and waterfowl that populate the wetland marsh. People can see ospreys, black-capped chickadees, marsh wren, bald eagles, great blue heron, yellow-headed blackbird, flycatchers, songbirds, hummingbirds, gulls, Brewer's blackbird, swallows and hooded merganser.

Amongst the local animal residents include muskrats, river otters, otters, mink, beavers as well as others. The Scout Island Nature Centre consists of lake and marsh grassland, small forests and 2.5 km or 1.5 miles of nature trails that offer perfect opportunities for several wildlife and bird encounters. There are viewing platforms along with the Nature House offers different natural history displays where individuals could study local ecosystems.

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