Why buy from Canada?

As a Canadian company, we provide quality product, timely shipping and quick turnaround on warranty claims. If you purchase from China, you may be waiting several weeks before you receive your product. Dealing with defective lights can be a hassle, and you will have to pay to ship back to China to claim warranty, if there is any warranty protection. Ebay purchases can be risky as sellers may not sell you the product exactly as advertised. You could find yourself saddled with inferior LED chips.

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Contact our sales staff with any questions about indoor growing with LED lighting technology. Our staff will be pleased to help you with any queries you might have about switching to LED Grow Lights, or starting a new garden.

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LED Grow Light experts provide growers with an economically-responsible, gardener-friendly form of horticultural lighting. We supply Canadian commercial growers with high quality, high intensity...   More